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A collection of thoughts, ideas, and concepts born of my desire for wisdom and a strong belief in the unity of life.
Most musings are still that, but knowledge, reason and faith can only evolve by sharing ideas, insights and experiences. Feeling intrigued by something? Getting an urge to reply? You can reach me at jasper@verstige.com.
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Sophy refers to wisdom. Synsophy refers to the combined wisdom of humanity. Synsophism is a creed based on spirituality ánd reason that aims to create a paradigm shift. It unites an unbound faith with an inexhaustible reason, demanding an endless pursuit of the good and the wise and opening up the path to an inclusive and unifying belief system for humanity.
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Cooperative Capitalism
Cooperative Capitalism is an economic model that tries to save the positives from capitalism while minimizing the negatives by separating the capital powers and forcing the spirit of capital to benefit all stakeholders, keeping the income and wealth gaps bridgeable by merit.
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Transparent Technology
How did we get this far? By building on top of each other's knowledge, skills and means. Thriving societies facilitate this virtuous circle. Transparent Technology is about providing open infrastructure and facilitating knowledge sharing while protecting people's rights and privacy. 
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Developmental Democracy
The world is always in motion, yet democracy doesn’t have many self-learning and self-correcting mechanisms to keep itself aligned with the eras. Developmental Democracy aims at creating a framework that forces every generation to deal with the foundations of democracy, preventing us from taking our liberty and equality for granted.
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Loose Threads
Sparks of inspiration, bits of imagination and hints of madness.
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