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Chief Philosophy Officers

Freedom of Algorithm

What if companies were more than just a legal person? What if they would be more like real people? Would it matter why they do what they do, what they belief in and how they act? Companies have an exemplary function, but cannot be judged on it by the consumer.

The role of the Chief Philosophy Officer could be to internally promote the company values and provide consumers with insight into self-reflective actions and measures. Not as part of marketing, but as a serious and independent internal force that has a voice at the highest level.

Algorithms can be a force that controls what kind of information you get. They dogmatically determine what’s “best” for you. They shape beliefs. They are like religious leaders and we should be free to choose our own belief system. One we believe is best for us.

Crowd Capital

The Citizen's Lobby

The Crowd Capital Model is a fairer, more transparent and largely decentralized model of collaboration in which the effort, risk and return are spread over a large group of members who all share part of their knowledge, skills, network and resources to reach a predefined and common goal.

A crowdfunding platform for ‘lobbyists with a mission’ to counterbalance the power of the corporate lobby. In effect, it will enable people to support causes they care for directly, without side-effects of party politics.

Arche Philosophia

Kairos College

An attempt to unite reason and faith by creating a new beginning.

What if people had the time to develop their interests, the time to learn about great stories of the human kind? Let’s give people a couple of years to create room for self development after high school. I bet we get more involved people, whatever they choose afterward.

Regenerative Democracy


Democracy doesn’t have many self-correcting mechanisms to keep itself aligned with the eras. Perhaps we should rewrite the constitution every 50 years? Perhaps we should use multiple governmental models at the same time?

Why do we have elections that deal with everything? The world has become so complex that it is impossible to get a 360 degree view. So why debate on something that is too complex to vote on? Why demand that our politicians have all the answers? Let’s break it up into sort-of manageable pieces and give more power to people within those areas. 

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