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Now that's a good question! Wait, did I just ask myself a question? And did I give myself a compliment for asking that question? I love how easy it is to boost your own confidence! Or is it impossible to fool yourself? Anyway, back to the question at hand: why an alter ego? Well, that's a question I asked myself as well (a couple of times already). And like with most things; when you start to philosophize about it the answer can be quite layered. So, if you care, follow along.

First of all, I don't want to use my own name. Why? Because I'm a human being. And I am more than my thoughts. It is way easier to create a hypothetical situation or system (dreamed up or rationalized) than to actually follow up on that reasoning in real-life. I can be pretty idealistic and whatever I come up with or whenever I say how it should be, I understand that it is really hard to actually create it or get there in real-life. In most cases the ideal only serves as a point to strive for, never-endingly because you will never get there. Try to be disciplined, but be kind to yourself!

Second, do names matter?

Third, I do have an ego,

Philosophy is about all, or nothing. Put those together and you get a very powerful phrase that can move crowds. Shout "All or nothing!" at the right time and you can get people to behave totally irrational. Is that because it is just mind boggling when you dive into what all and nothing actually "are"? You just lose your rationality?

Most musings are still that, but knowledge, reason and faith can only evolve by sharing ideas, insights and experiences. Feeling intrigued by something? Getting an urge to reply? You can reach me at jasper@verstige.com.

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Why an alter ego? Well, I’m more than my thoughts.